Dam lines


3 pig breeds and specific dam lines have been selected to represent the biggest French database selection with 5 000 sows. AXIOM's cores are also present abroad over Europe, Canada and Asia.

 French hyper-prolific Large White

Prolificity criteria are very significant when AXIOM selects its Large White which is one of the most prolific Large White around the world. For several years, AXIOM has been dedicating a part of the selection to the litter criteria in order to produce heavy and homogeneous piglets. As a result, sows are more autonomous and post-weaning and fattening phases are more successful. Production criteria are an integral part of the Large White AXIOM selection objective, especially the feed consumption ratio controlled on boars at the testing station based in Azay-sur-Indre.

 LargeWhite cochette  Diagramme LW EN


French hyper-prolific Landrace

Landrace AXIOM is also widely selected according to prolificity. Renowned for its maternal qualities, the selection objective allows to improve more and more the litter quality of Landrace AXIOM by selecting the birth weight and the litter homogeneity.

Like the other dam lines, Azay-sur-Indre testing station receives Landrace boars in order to control the feed consumption ratio and the growth. Animals with the best results will go to AIC.

 Landrace cochette Diagramme LR EN


Tai Zumu

The man-made Tai Zumu line was created in 1994. It combines the French hyper-prolific Large White genes with the genes of the Meishan Chinese breed. This unique worldwide line is very prolific and autonomous. As a result, it produces remarkable litter weights. The GP Youli gilt, as well as the Youna parental gilt, shares some Tai Zumu qualities such as a high milk production that allows to wean many suckling piglets. The Tai Zumu selection objective is also widely dedicated to the production and carcass criteria that guarantee growing-finishing pigs at the same level as the Large White and Landrace descendants.

 Tai Zumu Diagramme TZ EN