Our working tools

and methods


20 selection sites in France et 3 freehold stations

AXIOM has the largest selection base in France: 7000 sows spread over 20 selection sites. The selection is made in farms that are owned by AXIOM and also with breeders that are under contract and who wish to provide their expertise to the AXIOM genetics.


Among the 3 control stations :

  • One is located in Azay-sur-Indre (37) and it is equipped with 120 feeders using weighing trays. It is now the largest station in Europe in its category as 6,000 boars can be controlled there every year. 6 sire and female lines are tested inside this station and AXIOM actively selects the feed efficiency of its breeding pigs.
  • The second station was built in 1984 and it is located in Erin (62). 3,000 boars may be controlled and this is the station where the Piétrain AXIOM has been selected according to the growth and anatomical structure. The world-renowned Piétrain AXIOM is the most distributed boar in France.
  • The third one is located in Mauron (56) and it is specifically dedicated to the control of terminal boars. Thanks to this station, the lines selection has been developed and it helps to increase the technical knowledge of each product, especially regarding feed.


Research programs with the best-known French and foreign institutes

Part of the AXIOM research and selection is carried out collectively within the framework of the LGPC (Livres Généalogiques Porcins Collectifs) and FGPorc (France Génétique Porc) and also the Alliance R&D Association (genomic research) with Ifip and INRA. AXIOM is also a shareholder of Le Rheu (35) FGPorc station that controls around 4,000 collateral boars a year.

AXIOM also conducts a large number of private research programs in collaboration with INRA and the University of Edinburgh. This work focuses on the Tai Zumu line in order to exploit its originality and all the variability of its genome to further increase its potential.