Sire Lines


3 pigs breeds and specific sire lines of descent have been selected to represent the biggest French database selection with 2 000 sows. AXIOM's cores are also present abroad over Europe, Canada and Asia.


Pietrain AXIOM

Pietrain AXIOM is the best-selling French boar. For more than 30 years, the selected Pietrain AXIOM has been producing effective growing-finishing pigs. A production based on the fattening criteria that are economically profitable, such as growth and feed conversion ratio. Pietrain AXIOM is the leanest and the most homogeneous marketed boar : an optimum capital gain on carcasses guaranted to breeders.



Pietrain NN AXIOM

Pietrain NN AXIOM does not have the halothane sensitivity gene. Consequently, the produced growing-finishing pigs benefit from high-quality meat-type and especially improve water retention and the pH value. AXIOM is the only company that selects its own Pietrain NN line differently from the other Pietrain line. Over the last few years, performances have been higher than all the Pietrain NN lines thanks to the specific criteria applied to this line.




Duroc AXIOM totally meets the market requirements: a marbled meat with superior gustatory qualities. Moreover, Duroc AXIOM provides a high growth to its descendants.

AXIOM is evaluating in vivo the intra muscular fat of the Duroc AXIOM in partnership with our Canadian shareholder. There are also slaughterhouse measures to evaluate pH, water retention, colour... Duroc AXIOM is already widespread among AXIOM’s foreign partners such as in Spain, Canada or South Korea. Duroc AXIOM boars are tested inside the biggest European pig breeding testing station in the Loire Valley as well as all AXIOM lines. Thus, boars with a very low food consumption indicator are being proposed to breeders.

AXIOM is developing different selection objectives dedicated to all partners, firstly to meet the requirements of each market, then to completely adapt to the consumption habits in each country involved.