Our health requirements


AXIOM is the only French company to invest so much in order to guarantee a very high health status of its breeding pigs. Our partners also have the opportunity to benefit from the AXIOM sites of Draché and Buléon that are especially dedicated to the health improvement of pig production. Through its investments and tools, AXIOM actively participates in the demedication of pig farming.


SPF breeding pigs

AXIOM owns many SPF selection and multiplication farms. To maintain these high levels of health, several measures are taken on breeding sites:

  • The staff meets the biosecurity rules every day.
  • Buildings equipped with incoming air filtration and overpressure systems.
  • Codes of good practices for the on-site workers (truck with animals, feed, technicians ...)

Rigorous controls in farms

To guarantee the breeding stock status to partners, AXIOM has set up a close monitoring of potential contaminants in each workshop by carrying out serological samples, swabs and slaughterhouse controls. AXIOM is also fully committed to the EQS approach to guarantee ever more the sanitary quality of its breeding pigs.

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Draché Destocking/restocking station


AXIOM has a site in Indre-et-Loire (Draché) which is equipped with an incoming air filtration system with overpressure in order to prepare pig stocks for restocking. This all-in/all-out site is flexible to adapt to each need. In most restocking operations, AXIOM hosts gilts that comes from a decontaminated farm at the Draché site, then carries out the inseminations and delivers the officially pregnant gilts a few weeks prior to farrowing with a filtered air truck. The aim is to reduce the unproductive time on the repopulating site as much as possible.

 LS Drache

Buléon control post

AXIOM has another quarantine site in the Morbihan, particularly made for exportations. This is also an all-in/all-out site which allows to gather the animals from different lines before a group departure to their destination country.

LS Buleon


Transport under filtered air

AXIOM has trucks under filtered air for breeding pigs with a very high health status and for breeders who want it, in order to complete the health system and to optimize the sanitary safety of the breeding pigs until the delivery to the breeder.

 Camion air filtré